I-1 Objective Driven Lessons
I-2 Check for Understanding
I-3 Differentiation
I-4 Higher Level Thinking
I-5 Maximizing Instructional Time
I-6 Communicating Content/Concepts
I-7 High Academic Expectations
I-8 Student Engagement
I-9 Classroom Management
I-10 Classroom Climate

What you'll find here

This site is designed to support our vision of effective teaching and rigorous learning in every classroom in Houston ISD.  Within you will find illustrations and development resources aligned to each of the criteria in our Instructional Practice Rubric.  You will also find information and resources on HISD's Appraisal and Development system, a training calendar listing all professional development available to campus staff, and other work of the Professional Support and Development team.  

How to use this site

There are four major categories of content in this site - the Instructional Practice rubric section, everyday excELLence Literacy Routines, online training calendar, and connections to other aspects of the work of the PSD team including Teacher Development Specialists and our Effective Teacher Fellowship (ETF) Alternative Certification Program (ACP) for novice teachers. Within the Instructional Practice section, please use the navigation menu on the left to explore the thirteen criteria and the HISD rubric-aligned Video Exemplars and Effective Practices.