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Review the HELC Calendar to view upcoming Trainings or Room Reservations. 

To book a room at HELC, please visit the Facility & Room Reservations page.


HELC Visitors

Parking for training participants is located in the back of the building.

All HISD employees are to wear their badges when on site.

Cellular service when inside the building can vary depending on your carrier. Visitors should enable Wi-Fi Calling on their cellular devices to provide the best coverage.


HELC Residents and Partners

HELC Safety Manual

HELC Staff Handbook and Safety Guide

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District Catalog

The OneSourceMe Learning catalog includes trainings available by HISD Curriculum & Development, Leadership Development, Human Capital and Accountability, and Assessment, Multilingual, Special Education, Advanced Academics, and other central departments that provide trainings for Teachers, Administrators, or other designated roles.

For additional professional development and training information for teachers and administrators, please review information through HISD portal – OneSourceMe Learning application. 


Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Beginning Teacher of the Year Nomination

The Houston ISD Teachers of the Year (TOY) Award recognizes teaching excellence across our District, honoring an elementary and a secondary Teacher of the Year.

Further information and important links are forthcoming.

For information, contact:
TOY@HoustonISD.org, 713-696-0600

HISD Celebrates 2018 Educators of the Year


Contact PD Operations

HISD Educational Learning Center

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Hours: M-F 7:00 am - 6:30 pm


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