Effective Practices

Teach Back

I-1, I-2, 1-5, I-6



Be prepared for students who Teach Back incorrectly. The teacher can address the misunderstanding as it happens by asking probing questions to lead students to understanding or invite another student to assist with the Teach Back. 

Quick Tips

Have student Teach Back early and often while teaching new concepts to cement foundational understanding.



Other Strategies

Stand and Share

Place students in groups of four. After teaching a topic, have a student from each group stand and share everything they remember for one minute. Then the first student sits down and the next student shares for one minute. Repeat until all students in the group have had their turn.

Circle the Sage

Circle the Sage is a Kagan cooperative learning structure where a student (the sage) teaches other students in a group. The other students go back to their group, and teach others what the student sage has taught them.