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Exit Ticket

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Effective Practices

Exit Ticket

PL-2, I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, I-6, I-7, I-9



Plan the Exit Ticket in advance. Keep it simple and make sure it assesses the skills from the learning standard.

Quick Tips

Try using open-ended questions that ask students to draw on their experiences, as well as use new and previous learning in their responses.


Why I Switched to Exit Tickets

Writing Across the Curriculum: Exit Tickets


Other Strategies

Verbal Exit Ticket

At the end of class, have students line up at the door and answer a question that is aligned to the learning standard as they leave for the day.

Admission Ticket

As students enter the class/period, have them hand in a recorded fact, concept, or question related to their assigned reading or homework. Also, try sharing a question that relates to the next day's learning standard at the end of a lesson. For homework, students respond and share them with the teacher the next day when they enter the class. Admission Tickets allow students to demonstrate previous knowledge, assess retention on knowledge from a previous lesson, and/or serve as a baseline for the current day's lesson.