Effective Practices

Student Generated Questions

I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, I-8



Make sure that question stems are scaffolded by student level. 

Quick Tips

Allow students to use question stems for development of questions.

Teach students rigorous levels of questions by teaching them the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. 


Question Stems


Other Strategies

Question and Answer Pair

In Question and Answer Pair, two students work together to develop and answer questions on a specific concept.

Post-It Questions

Students generate questions on Post-It notes during the lesson and answer them at the end. Post-Its work well because they can be manipulated. Teachers can have students write these questions as they come up in the lesson and they can bring questions to the board, stick it to their desk, or place them in a “parking lot”.

Technology can also be used with Padlet or TodaysMeet for students to post questions.

Request Strategy

The Request Strategy or reciprocal questioning provides the teacher and the student opportunities to ask each question to each other after reading.