Effective Practices

Begin with the End

PL-1, PL-3, I-1, I-2, I-7



Begin with the End takes time on the front end but will save time in the long run. A strong plan allows time to focus on the many instructional decisions that occur daily.

Be prepared to change your plan for the next lesson based upon the outcome of the previous lesson. If you know students have failed to achieve mastery of an objective, go back and reteach content to ensure full mastery before moving on.

Quick Tips

In your planning, be sure to build in time for students to continue practicing skills they have mastered to keep those skills alive and extend students’ ability to use them.

You can collect assessment evidence from a variety of formal and informal assessments, including tests, quizzes, performance tasks, observations, and/or projects.


Teach Like a Champion Techniques Summary


Other Strategies

Develop Effective Unit Plans

An effective unit is comprised of carefully designed, interrelated lessons that collectively support and guide students in reaching specific learning objectives. Unit planning allows the teacher to strategically think through how lessons should progress throughout a year/course.