Effective Practices

Chunking Text

I-2, I-3, I-4, I-7



This is a means to an end (understanding the text) not the objective itself.

Quick Tips

Try chunking the text for students the first few times. This allows students to learn to chunk text for themselves.

Review reading/decoding strategies with students prior to having them paraphrasing the text.

  • Circle unfamiliar words.
  • Use context clues to help define.
  • Look up the meaning of unknown words.
  • Write synonyms for these new words in the text.
  • Underline important places and people.
  • Read aloud.
  • Read multiple times. 



Other Strategies

Create a Visual

When students are able to use imagery, teachers will see an improvement with comprehension and retention of ideas.  Have students visually represent the selected chunk as a picture or symbol. The use of non-linguistic representation (Marzano) is an example of this variation.

Paragraph Shrinking

Have students clarify main ideas by summarizing the meaning of a paragraph using ten words or less.

Identifying significance and connections

After students summarize a portion of the text, ask them to respond to a few questions that will help them make connections and understand the significance of the text.