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Exit Routine

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Effective Practices

Exit Routine

I-5, I-9, I-10



If students are leaving items out of place upon dismissal, address the issue immediately. Explain and model the expected behavior.  Teachers who dismiss in shifts should consider modifying and adjusting steps. 

Quick Tips

Remind students that the bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher dismisses the class. Teachers must be mindful to be ready to dismiss.

 Exit routines can also involve having students share what they learned through oral or written exit tickets.


Arrival To and Exit From Classroom: Routine


Other Strategies

Early Pick Up

Parents may pick students up for appointments or other necessary activities.  Parents must sign students out, and get a note from the office for the teacher. Students are not allowed to come down to wait for early pick-up in the office or anywhere else, even with a note from the parent to the teacher.

Emergency Exit

Teachers should establish specific expectations for students to exit the classroom when emergencies arise, such as a fire drill. Be sure to consult district and school-wide procedures when determining these expectations. Consider setting a specific exiting order for students – for example, have students exit by tables or rows. Teach specific rules for these situations to encourage safety (e.g. “no talking” and “push in chairs”) and practice this routine with students before emergencies arise.