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Real World Connections

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Effective Practices

Real World Connections

I-6, I-8



Quick Tips

Magazines, newspaper and other social media are great resources to link learning to the real world. Telling stories from the teacher’s own life can demonstrate a lesson learned and/or help students think about their own meaningful connection to the content. Consider providing choices whenever possible as students will often engage more with activities with which they have a real connection.


Project Based Learning
CNN Student News
Apple Challenge Based Learning

Other Strategies

Project Based Learning

An instructional approach built upon authentic learning activities designed to answer a  question or solve a problem, and generally reflect the types of learning and work people  do in the everyday world outside the classroom.

Field Trips

A trip the teacher and students take together to gain knowledge and/or skills outside the classroom or to share an experience that will enhance or extend learning from the classroom.

Guest Speaker

A speaker who is invited to share firsthand knowledge on a topic that aligns with the learning objective.