Effective Practices


PL-3, I-1, I-2, I-8



Closure should come from the students stating what they learned during the class. The intellectual work should be done by the students and not by the teacher.

Oftentimes, teachers leave off the closure. It is the first thing to get cut off if time is running out at the end of the lesson. Use a timer or an online stopwatch to pace the lesson or have a student be responsible for reminding the teacher.

Quick Tips

Consider asking students to write down one potential test question from that day's lesson as an Exit Ticket. Have them exchange their paper with a classmate to answer.


HISD Lesson Planning Guide

Closure Activities: Making the Last Impression

40 Ways to Leave a Lesson


Other Strategies


Anytime throughout instruction, the teacher can pose a question or problem and invite students to think about it for a minute. Then the teacher will ask the students to pair up with a partner. They are given another minute to share their ideas with each other. The teacher calls on volunteer pairs to share with the whole group.

Community Circle

Students gather in a circle to have a structured, studentcentered discussion with each other and the teacher. This practice builds a sense of community, develops problem solving skills, strengthens bonds between student and teacher, and provides an opportunity for students to practice their listening, speaking, and interpersonal skills.