Effective Practices

Work Hard, Get Smart

PL-2, I-7, I-8



Generic encouragement directed at the whole class is ineffective in providing meaningful encouragement to Work Hard, Get Smart. Use specific encouragement that appeals to the student’s individual interests, values, or dreams. 

Quick Tips

Try creating progress charts or posters where students can visually track their growth. Post it in a place where everybody can see it as a way to celebrate achievement. 


How Can Teachers Develop Students’ Motivation and Success? 

Mindset Online  


Other Strategies

Motivational Chants

This strategy provides opportunities for the teacher to communicate expectations and get students engaged with the work in a positive way. It also builds confidence in oral language, promotes a sense of community, and helps change the pace and mood to improve student motivation. 

Community Circle

Community Circle is a way to build a team culture within your classroom. Students gather in a circle to have a structured, student-centered discussion with each other and the teacher. This practice builds a sense of community, develops problem solving skills, strengthens bonds between student and teacher, and provides an opportunity for students to practice their listening, speaking, and interpersonal skills.