Effective Practices

Independent Practice

PL-3, I-1, I-3, I-8



Students are more likely to do well in the assessment if the lesson includes ample time for Independent Practice. Manage time wisely and determine in advance how long an Independent Practice activity will take. Use an online stopwatch so that students are constantly aware of how much time they have left to complete the work.

Quick Tips

Be sure to allow sufficient time (about 15-20 minutes) for students to work, share, and expand upon presented materials. Generally students learn better when they are given a chance to bounce ideas off of their classmates.


HISD Lesson Planning Guide

Maintaining Learner Involvement


Other Strategies

Performance Based Assessments

These are tools for measuring mastery that are made up real world questions or problems which students have to solve. It requires a student create a product that demonstrates his or her knowledge or skills. Performance Based Assessments are applicable in all subject areas. Some examples include (but are not limited to) presentations, writing an essay, recipes, original stories, dances, oral reports, maps, and cartoons.