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Instructional Practice

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Classroom Climate

Builds a positive and respectful classroom environment

I-10 Elementary

  • Teacher
    Mr. Colin Weatherford
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Students analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about persuasive text and provide evidence from text to support their analysis. Students are expected to identify the author's viewpoint or position and explain the basic relationships among ideas in the argument.

Exemplar Video

I-10 Secondary

  • Teacher
    Mr. Charles Reed
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Building the foundation of geometric relationships in order to generate equations.

Exemplar Video

Rubric Indicators

Rubric Indicators:

I-10 Builds a positive and respectful classroom environment

The following best describes a teacher performing at Level 3 in this criterion:

  • Teacher demonstrates caring and respect for all students and creates a positive, energetic, and orderly climate and culture in the classroom.
  • Teacher communicates and reinforces expectations for positive student behavior and interactions between students, including a respect for individual, cultural, and linguistic differences.
  • Teacher arranges and organizes furniture, supplies, reference materials, and student work in a way that supports learning activities.
  • Students demonstrate respect by actively listening and responding positively to each other and to the teacher.
  • Students articulate that they are members of a global society and demonstrate flexibility and cross-cultural skills when interacting with peers.

Link to the complete Instructional Practice Rubric

Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions:

Use the following reflection questions to guide thinking prior, during, or after watching the video exemplar. They can be used individually or to facilitate conversation during PLCs, department meetings or as an entire faculty.

  • How can a teacher develop strong relationships with students? How was this reflected in the lesson?
  • What are some ways to cultivate a classroom environment that makes students feel safe to take on challenges and risk failure?
  • Why is it important for students to learn how to actively listen and respond positively to each other? What opportunities could a teacher provide to help students learn this?