Instructional Practice


Check for Understanding

Checks for student understanding and responds to student misunderstanding

I-2 Elementary

  • Teacher
    Ms. Jessica Willie
  • Content
    Social Studies
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Compare the cultures and economies of the Northern and Southern states and explain how the Civil War affected the lives of Texans.

Exemplar Video

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I-2 Secondary

  • Teacher
    Mr. Jeremy Tarbutton
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Describe components of the universe, including stars, nebulae, and galaxies

Exemplar Video

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Rubric Indicators

Rubric Indicators:

I-2 Checks for student understanding and responds to student misunderstanding

The following best describes a teacher performing at Level 3 in this criterion:

  • Teacher checks for understanding and accurately diagnoses student misunderstanding at key moments during a lesson using a variety of methods.
  • Teacher adjusts lesson to ensure student understanding in response to assessments during the lesson and without interrupting the flow of the lesson.
  • Teacher provides feedback throughout the lesson that affirms correctly understood content, clarifies misunderstood content, and extends student thinking.
  • Teacher provides students with opportunities to apply knowledge after misunderstood content has been clarified.
  • Teacher uses clear systems and routines for assessing student understanding during the lesson.

Link to the complete Instructional Practice Rubric

Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions:

Use the following reflection questions to guide thinking prior, during, or after watching the video exemplar. They can be used individually or to facilitate conversation during PLCs, department meetings or as an entire faculty.

  • What practices were implemented to check for understanding? Why do you think these practices were chosen?
  • What role does feedback play in student understanding?
  • How can the information learned from this video be used to adjust instruction in your own classroom?