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Instructional Practice

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Maximizing Instructional Time

Maximizes Instructional Time

I-5 Elementary

  • Teacher
    Mr. Jason Coronado
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Collect information by detailed observations and accurate measuring of the life cycle of a seed.

Exemplar Video

Full Video

I-5 Secondary

  • Teacher
    Ms. Ferryn Martin
  • Content
    U.S. History
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Identify the goals, methods, and results of the Civil Rights Movement.

Exemplar Video

Rubric Indicators

Rubric Indicators:

I-5 Maximizes instructional time

The following best describes a teacher performing at Level 3 in this criterion:

  • Teacher allocates time within a lesson by selecting high-impact instructional strategies that lead students to mastery of lesson objectives.
  • Teacher effectively designs, teaches, and implements consistent classroom routines and procedures that allow students to maximize time spent on learning activities.
  • Teacher directs classroom aides, paraprofessionals, and other classroom support personnel in a manner that effectively supports lesson objectives.
  • Students, individually or collectively, execute routines and procedures in an orderly and efficient manner with some direction from the teacher.
  • Students engage in productive learning activities from the start of class until the end of class and little time is lost on transitions and other non-instructional activities.

Link to the complete Instructional Practice Rubric

Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions:

Use the following reflection questions to guide thinking prior, during, or after watching the video exemplar. They can be used individually or to facilitate conversation during PLCs, department meetings or as an entire faculty.

  • How can a teacher make sure that the lesson objective is clear to students?
  • What are some ways to access prior knowledge? Why is this important to do?
  • How were the elements of the lesson organized to help students master the objective?