Instructional Practice


High Academic Expectations

Promotes high academic expectations for students

I-7 Elementary

  • Teacher
    Mr. Edgar Jimenez
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Developing algebraic thinking through repeating patterns

Exemplar Video

I-7 Secondary

  • Teacher
    Ms. Iris Tian
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Solving systems of equations using substitution

Exemplar Video

Rubric Indicators

Rubric Indicators:

I-7 Promotes high academic expectations for students

The following best describes a teacher performing at Level 3 in this criterion:

  • Teacher communicates and reinforces the expectation that all students will meet annual learning goals and connects this achievement to students’ long-term or personal goals.
  • Teacher encourages students to work hard towards mastering lesson objectives and to persist when faced with difficult material.
  • Teacher highlights examples of recent student work that meet high expectations.
  • Teacher creates a learning environment in which students regularly use technology tools in activities that may have been impossible to engage in without technology.
  • Students complete complex tasks and persevere when facing learning challenges.

Link to the complete Instructional Practice Rubric

Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions:

Use the following reflection questions to guide thinking prior, during, or after watching the video exemplar. They can be used individually or to facilitate conversation during PLCs, department meetings or as an entire faculty.

  • What strategies can be used to highlight exemplary student work?
  • How can you encourage students to master lesson objectives when they struggle?
  • Why is it important to communicate learning goals to students?