Instructional Practice


Student Engagement

Students actively participating in lesson activities

I-8 Elementary

  • Teacher
    Ms. Mertia Bridges
  • Content
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Summarize the main ideas and supporting details in a text in ways that maintain meaning and logical order.

Exemplar Video

I-8 Secondary

  • Teacher
    Ms. Jo Braxton-Trimble
  • Content
    Social Studies
  • Grade
  • Objective
    Compare the characteristics of limited and unlimited governments.

Exemplar Video

Rubric Indicators

Rubric Indicators:

I-8 Students actively participating in lesson activities

The following best describes a teacher performing at Level 3 in this criterion:

  • Students demonstrate engagement during direct instruction by participating in and completing instructional tasks, volunteering responses to questions, following teacher directions, and asking appropriate questions.
  • Students display active effort in learning activities during independent and group work.

Link to the complete Instructional Practice Rubric

Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions:

Use the following reflection questions to guide thinking prior, during, or after watching the video exemplar. They can be used individually or to facilitate conversation during PLCs, department meetings or as an entire faculty.

  • What different ways were provided to engage students in the lesson content?
  • What is the significance of including various ways for students to engage in the lesson?
  • Do you feel it’s imperative that students participate in group work? Why or why not?