Teacher Career Development

Supporting Teachers through Exemplary Practice

Our mission is to create an avenue for teachers to grow and thrive. We work to improve effectiveness and reward great teaching, so we can retain top teachers and increase student achievement on all HISD campuses.

New Teacher

New Teacher

HISD’s comprehensive teacher induction program begins with week-long, rigorous summer New Teacher Academy and continues throughout the school year with timely, targeted professional learning opportunities grounded in the HISD Instructional Practice Rubric.



HISD’s comprehensive teacher induction program incorporates a broad set of supports including one-on-one campus-based mentoring and multiple professional development opportunities grounded in the HISD Instructional Practice Rubric.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways

HISD’s Career Pathways pilot program allows schools to recognize, reward, and retain their best teachers. In turn, it allows high performing teachers to specialize in an area of interest, build leadership skills, and take on additional responsibility without having to leave the classroom.

Teacher Career Development Success Stories

Step Success

Brad Pearl exemplifies the STEP team’s philosophy as a teacher at Furr High School. He has served as a mentor supporting novice teachers on his campus. He is in his third year as a KEY Teacher, positively impacting the development of beginning World Geography teachers across the district.

Brad served as the Instructional Technology Specialist at Furr HS, a Career Pathway’s teacher leader role, modeling and introducing innovative instructional technology to fellow teachers. His many instructional talents are highlighted in the Instructional Practice Exemplar Video Series in the secondary Instructional Practice criterion, I-4, focused on engaging students in work that develops higher level thinking skills.

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