HISD Career Pathways Teacher Leader Program

Supporting Teachers through Exemplary Practice

HISD’s Career Pathways Teacher Leader program allows schools to recognize, reward, and retain their best teachers. It allows high performing teachers to specialize in an area of interest, build leadership skills, and take on additional responsibility without having to leave the classroom. Through job-embedded training and peer coaching, teacher leaders provide a contextual level of support to other teachers on their campus with the goal of improving student outcomes. Who better to help your teachers improve student outcomes than a teacher leader who has exhibited success within the same campus context – teaching the same students and works down the hall.

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This teacher leadership model also helps principals build a bench of strong instructional leaders to serve as an additional layer of support for their peers, specifically beginning teachers. In contrast to traditional teacher leadership roles, Career Pathways teacher leaders spend a greater proportion of their time on instructional activities thereby impacting the most important campus activities, teaching and learning.

This year’s cadre of teacher leaders will support their campuses’ goals through excellent instruction in their own classrooms and excellent instructional leadership in their schools.. Career Pathway Teacher Leaders (TL) specialize in specific leadership roles aligned to their skills and campus priorities.  All roles center on instructional elements to improve student learning. Established TLs (specialists) focus on modeling, training, planning and practice.  Expert TLs (coaches) focus on one-on-one coaching. To hear more about Career Pathways Testimonials click here.

Career Pathway Teacher Leader Roles:

  • Classroom Culture Specialist
  • Data Tracking & Assessment Specialist
  • Effective Practice Specialist
  • Instructional Teachnology Specialist
  • Literacy Specialist
  • STEM Specialist
  • Instructional Excellence Coach

To receive texts from the Career Pathways Team, text @hisdcptl to 81010 or go to rmd.at/hisdcptl.

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