Supporting Teachers through Exemplary Practice

In the HISD mentor program, our eyes are on the prize. It’s all about student achievement, and when we focus on teachers our students succeed.

Accelerating teacher effectiveness, so that new teachers quickly become skillful, represents one of the greatest opportunities for change in education today.

HISD’s comprehensive teacher induction program incorporates a broad set of supports including one-on-one campus-based mentoring and multiple professional development opportunities grounded in the HISD Instructional Practice Rubric.


Campus CICs | MAS Weekly Entry Guidelines 

Mentors as Leaders
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Principal's Corner

Principals, in this area you will find resources to support your campus-based mentors and beginning teachers.

Campus Orientation File | Mentor Information | How-To Documents

CIC's Corner

The Campus Induction Coach (CIC) serves as a liaison between beginning teachers and their mentors.

Campus Orientation & Support Framework | Resources & Documents | How-To Guides 

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Contact Mentor Support

HISD Educational Learning Center

10725 Mesa Drive
Houston, Texas 77078


Program Manager

Janice Dingayan