Effective Practices

Randomizing Responses

I-2, I-8



Quick Tips

No Opt Out can be used with any randomized response practice.


Randomization Techniques

Randomization Tech Tools


Random Name Selector


Other Strategies

Card Shuffle

Index cards can be used to randomize responses by writing students’ names on them then shuffling and selecting a card for a response. 

Numbered Heads

The numbered heads strategy can be used to randomize as students will be called according to a pre-assigned number the teacher has given them. Spinners, dice, or numbers drawn from a basket [hat or cup] can be used to ensure that the numbers are randomly chosen.

Popsicle Sticks

Students write their names on popsicle sticks that are kept in a cup.  The teacher (or a student) pulls out a popsicle stick and calls the name on the stick to solicit a response to a question.