Effective Practices


I-7, I-9, I-10



Threshold is a practice that allows for teachers and students to personally interact daily. It is not the time to begin on a “negative” note, but rather a time for positive reinforcement of set expectations. 

Quick Tips

It is helpful to have an activity prepared in advance for students to begin working on after they enter the class (such as Do Now) while the teacher is in the doorway.  Threshold can be an opportunity for teachers to ensure that students are meeting school/classroom expectations such as dress code, being prepared for class, and completion of homework. It also allows for the teacher to get a sense of how students are feeling prior to the day/period starting. 



Other Strategies

Morning Meeting

After the students enter the classroom, the teacher calls a 5-minute meeting. The morning meeting is a time for the class to greet each other and share news with the whole group. This quick meeting can take place on a carpet, in assigned seating, at table groups, or with students being huddled together in a special location. In addition to the greetings and news, the teacher can use this opportunity to set the expectations/schedule for the day.  Morning meeting can be done before or after the Do Now.

Personalized Written Greeting

In advance, prepare personalized messages for the students on strips of paper (ex. Jose, I like the way you have been organized and prepared for the lessons this week). This can be done periodically (for the whole class all at once with less frequency or by group/individual students more regularly and rotating until everyone has received a note). The notes can be typed, handwritten, or creative, but should be similar.