Effective Practices

Academic Posture

I-5, I-8, I-9, I-10



When a student is not following a particular behavior, pause briefly to remind the student or the entire class what the behavior is and why it’s important, then ask the students to model the behaviors before moving on.

Quick Tips

Consider assigning each behavior a nonverbal signal to help reinforce or correct any aspect of the academic posture without interruptions. For example, point to the eyes to remind a student to track the speaker.


Whole Body Listening


Other Strategies


SLANT is an acronym to remind students to focus: Sit up, Listen, Ask and answer questions, Nod your head, and Track the speaker. “Make sure you are SLANTing” is shorthand to remind students to focus.


STAR is an acronym to get students’ attention and remind them to focus: Sit up, Track the speaker, Ask and answer questions like a scholar, and Respect those around you.