Effective Practices

Call and Response

I-5, I-8



For Call and Response to succeed, use a consistent signal like “ready, set…” or a nonverbal gesture like a point or a hand motion, and make 100% participation a rule. 

Quick Tips

“Repeat” is good for introducing new procedures and vocabulary.

“Solve” can be implemented with the use of individual dry erase boards, laminated card stock or electronic student response systems. 


Online Forum: Attention Signals


Other Strategies


Students repeat what the teacher says or completes a familiar phrase that the teacher starts.

(Ex: Teacher: In 1492… students: Columbus sailed the ocean blue.)


Students who have already completed problems or questions on their own are asked to report their answers back.

(Ex: “On three, tell me your answer to the question.”)


The teacher reinforces important information or a correct answer by asking the class to repeat it.

{Ex: “Can anyone tell me what year the Declaration of Independence was adopted? Yes, Paul, it was 1776. Class, what year was it adopted?” The call (repeating the question) and response (“the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776”) reinforces the importance of the answer.}