Effective Practices


PL-3, I-1, I-6, I-8



Teachers may spend too much time on Engage/Connect. This practice is quick and is not content heavy. 

Quick Tips

As students are making connections, consider asking how the connections they make deepen their understanding of the content.


Madelyn Hunter Hook

Advanced Organizer

Mystery Bag Lesson Sample

HISD Lesson Planning Guide


Other Strategies

Do Now

A Do Now is a short independent activity that connects prior knowledge to the day’s lesson.


Hook your students with a short introductory moment that captures what is interesting and important about the learning to come.

Advanced Organizers

This Marzano High Yield strategy focuses on a visual representation of essential information. It can be used to assist in the recall of details or to process information later in the lesson or school year.

Mystery Bag

This is a bag or box containing items related to the learning objectives. It is used to solicit inferences, connections and questions from students, in addition to heightening student engagement.