Effective Practices

Entry Routine

I-5, I-9, I-10



If an entry routine is too simple or too difficult for students, they may find themselves getting off task. Consider revisiting the steps to complete it so that all students are able to meet the desired outcomes. 

Quick Tips

Use predictable and consistent routines as this practice helps students understand the expectations and reduces behavioral problems in the classroom.

Take 3-5 minutes in the morning to complete a “Do Now,”’ a daily warm up at the beginning of a lesson to get students into the learning mode.


Teach Like a Champion Do Now


Other Strategies


Threshold is a Teach Like a Champion technique that establishes a personal bond between the teacher and the student through a brief personal check-in as the student comes through the door. The routine reinforces the classroom expectation and makes the practice customary (e.g. “Loved your homework, Pam!” ; “We have a quiz today so be sure to begin the Do Now - it will help you review.”)