Effective Practices

Develop Annual Plans



Burning Questions

What if my students are not “typical” HISD students?

The district resources were intended to provide guidance and tools. Teachers should personalize the resources provided by the district to create their own annual plan by adjusting the documents based on students’ levels, needs, and interests, as well as their own teaching style.

What do I do if there is a disruption in the timeline?

Interruptions to instructional time are a reality of teaching. An annual plan is a living document that may need to be adjusted throughout the year in response to changes in and outside of the teacher’s control.

How do I find the time to plan?

Investing time in planning will pay off in maximizing time during instruction and a greater impact on student achievement. Plan time to create and revisit the annual plan by creating a personal routine or by setting reminders (on a paper calendar, on a phone, or in Outlook).

Quick Tips

Consider sharing the curriculum standards with students so that they are aware of how they will be assessed, and they can hold themselves accountable for the required skills and content.

Prepare to spend the bulk of time creating and tailoring an annual plan at the beginning of the year.

Collaborate with colleagues to create the annual plan and revisit it in PLC’s. A plan created with a team or partner is often more manageable and impactful for students.