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Invest Students

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Effective Practices

Invest Students

PL-1, PL-2


Burning Questions

How will I find time for investment?

Often teachers feel pressed for time. Planning ahead ensures leaving time to prioritize student investment opportunities. Once students are motivated, they are more open to learning experiences and have greater focus, which saves time in the long run.

What if my students do not understand goal setting?

Goal setting can be a very abstract for students, particularly in lower grades. Provide students with concrete and visual evidence of goals and progress to help students conceptualize the big ideas.

How do I deliver feedback to students on progress toward their goals?

Feedback helps to invest students in their goals, but generic feedback does not have the same impact on students as personal and specific feedback does. Address students individually as much as possible so that they make the personal connection between the feedback and their progress (refer to Work Hard, Get Smart for further resources).

Quick Tips

Offer students the opportunity to create and track non-academic goals. Goals that target behavior or future ambitions give students more motivation to succeed academically.

Plan incentives for students who met or exceeded their goals and encouragement for those students who are still working toward their goals.

Give students the responsibility and opportunity to create their own method of tracking growth and measuring their progress once they are informed of their long-term goals.

Revisit and reflect on motivational and investment strategies often (weekly or bi-weekly).

Discuss with a partner, mentor teacher, or PLC possible investment strategies, particularly for students that may be hard to reach with typical methods.



Student Performance Guidebook