Effective Practices


I-7, I-8, I-10



Some teachers may shy away from this strategy because “joy” is often correlated with being “loud” and “chaotic”. This technique can be tailored and is still applicable for quiet and structured activities. It is easy for the J-Factor activity to take over the lesson, but remember, the J-Factor is a means to an end, (i.e.-mastery of the learning objective) not the objective itself. 

Quick Tips

The J-Factor can be designed to motivate individual students, small groups, or large groups. Try mixing it up!


Teach Like a Champion

Book: The Rock n Roll Classroom

Integrating Music in the Classroom

Using a Mystery Box


Other Strategies

Fun and Games

Spelling Bees


Us and Them

  • Unique Language
  • Rituals
  • Traditions
  • Nicknames
  • Secret Signals

Suspense and Surprise

  • Mystery Box
  • Questions in an envelope

Drama, Song and Dance

Role Playing

Songs to remember ideas/concepts

Hand/body movements to remember ideas/concepts