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Determine and Track Student Progress

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Effective Practices

Determine and Track Student Progress

PL-2, PL-3


Burning Questions

How do I remember to update my tracking system?

Teachers have so many things vying for their attention and sometimes simply forget to update their tracking system. Make tracking part of a routine, set reminders (on Outlook Calendar, on a phone, written into a paper calendar, etc.), or assign a student job to remind the teacher.

What should assessments be aligned to?

Be sure assessments are aligned to learning objectives.  Use the HISD District Curriculum as a guide. Make sure the verb in the curriculum standard matches the verb in the assessment item. For example, if the curriculum standard asks students to evaluate social and political contributions of individuals, then students should be asked to “evaluate” on the assessment (as opposed to “identify”, “analyze”, etc.).

How can the assessment meet the rigor of learning objectives?

In an effort to increase rigor on assessments, teachers can use assessments provided by the district, released STAAR tests, or preprinted assessments. Be sure assessments are developmentally appropriate for students and aligned to lesson or unit objectives. Additionally, teachers should always consult special education staff on campus for any student accommodations and modifications needed for assessment, regardless of rigor.

Quick Tips

Organize and analyze data as soon as it becomes available. Reflect on student progress and adjust future plans with the new data.

Discuss within the PLC strategies to determine and track student progress. Enlist a second set of eyes when analyzing data as other teachers may see a trend in the data and provide valuable insight.

Provide multiple opportunities for students to show mastery and progress. This offers encouragement for students and gives the teacher vital information on how to extend or remediate for students throughout the year/course. The final assessment should not be the only chance students have to show mastery of concepts and skills.

If possible, use a tracking system that can be emailed at a moment’s notice. It is a good way to show principals, assistant principals, instructional coordinators, appraisers, and colleagues the progress that students have made.


STAAR Resources

Marzano's "Designing Teaching and Learning Goals and Objectives"