Effective Practices

Leveled Text

I-1, I-3, I-8



Keep in mind that planning is key, given that one concept is being taught through many story lines. Having enough leveled texts for readers at each level can be difficult. Collaborate with the grade-level to create a leveled-texts database. 

Quick Tips

Students at the same reading level can be grouped and taught specific reading strategies during small group instruction. 


Reading Level Conversion Chart

The Five Finger Rule


Other Strategies


Teacher provides students with leveled texts on a specific topic that are appropriate to the student’s reading proficiency. Students later get into heterogeneous groups to share their findings on the topic. This technique allows teachers to tackle the same subject with all of their students while discreetly providing them the different leveled tools they need to master the content.

”Just Right” Book Test

This strategy help students evaluate books and select the ones that are at their reading level. Students choose a book and read from a random page. They put one finger up for every word they do not know. If four or five fingers go up while reading they must choose another book, as this one is too challenging. If the student puts up one finger or none at all, then the book is too easy. If only two or three fingers go up, they have found a “just right” book.