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Effective Practices

Adjust Plan

PL-2, PL-3


Burning Questions

What is the response to a student having difficulty?

Take time to identify the underlying cause of student difficulty. Determine steps to address the cause of student challenges. Respond to the student’s response by scaffolding follow-up questions or by stretching their current understanding.

What if a student needs assistance in the majority of learning objectives?

At times, students may have a number of skills with which they are experiencing difficulty. In this case, prioritize skills by focusing on the most important/foundational skills or those skills that will make the greatest difference in student achievement.

How should a student be re-taught a concept?

If there is a need to re-teach concepts/skills, it is important that teachers try a new strategy or approach.  When planning a new approach, consider student learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and student interests). Vary the ways in which students receive information and express the content learned.

Quick Tips

Adjusting plan is a practice in reflection and execution, and should take place as checkpoints or assessments occur.

It is important that the teacher knows his/her students well. Knowledge of how students learn, their areas of growth/ strengths, and their interests will assist in planning for ways to adjust the course of a unit/lesson.

Teach self-reflection skills so students can articulate whether they are being successful or struggling in reaching the curriculum standards.

Discuss within the PLC the lesson/unit learning activities, the assessment, and student outcomes.  Solicit ideas for alternative learning activities for students who need acceleration and/or intervention.