Effective Practices

Material Organization

I-5, I-10



If materials begin to find themselves out of order, re-set expectations by taking a few minutes to review with the students the procedure for obtaining and storing materials in their proper places.

Quick Tips

Consider allowing students to help decide how and where to store materials.  This will build student investment and ownership. 

Save money by re-purposing food containers, asking for parent donations, or visiting a local dollar store for storage containers.


Managing Your Classroom

100 Classroom Organization Tips


Other Strategies

Library Organization

Save time by using round colored label stickers to identify books by genre, author, and/or category. Use one color per category. Place the same color label on the storage container and on each individual book on the top right corner or on the spine.


Use clear plastic backpacks to store materials that are not used frequently or materials that students can take home for practice.