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Teach Like a Champion (TLaC)

TLaC techniques provide teachers with the tools necessary for success in all classrooms, particularly those with the most challenging student populations. The techniques employed in TLaC are presented in concrete, specific and actionable ways to allow for immediate use by teachers in any classroom. Each week, teachers will engage in demonstrated application of a variety of focused techniques targeted at designing classroom systems and routines, cultivating an environment of positive framing, individual correct, and many other techniques that provide a continous toolkit of strategies and techniques.

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CHAMPS is an exciting opportunity is an engaging two day training of materials and systems designed to help the classroom teacher develop or refine an effective classroom management plan that is proactive, positive, and instructional. CHAMPS is derived from the research literature and are based on the following principles: classroom organization has a huge impact on student behavior; thus, teachers should carefully structure their classrooms in ways that prompt responsible student behavior; teachers should explicitly teach students how to behave responsibly; teachers should focus more time, attention, and energy on acknowledging responsible behavior than on correcting misbehavior and teachers should preplan their responses to misbehavior to ensure that they will respond in a brief, calm, and consistent manner.

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Discipline in the Secondary Classroom (DSC)

DSC is an additional component of the Safe & Civil Schools PBIS classroom model. Designed to help the secondary classroom teacher manage student behavior and increase student motivation, DSC is a corollary to CHAMPS. Like CHAMPS, DSC describes a proactive, positive, and instructional approach to classroom management. Research data shows that effective teachers rely on classroom behavior management plans that; Include high expectations for student success, build positive relationships with students, create consistent, predictable classroom routines, teach students how to behave successfully,  provide frequent positive feedback, and correct misbehavior in a calm, consistent, logical manner.


Creating A Climate Of Success For All

This is a four part learning series that engages participants will practice steps for effective communication, establishing boundaries, implementing and documenting interventions/consequences, so they are used in a consistent and fair manner while still being aligned with the HISD Student Code of Conduct. Participants will practice effective whole group and individual interventions, along with documentation that are designed to redirect students with minimal distraction while maintaining lesson momentum, practicing best practices for communications and implementing effective classroom management systems to build a climate of success for students. Participants will engage in video observations, case studies, and real-time observations.


New Teacher Saturday Learning Series

Want to be stronger at implementing classroom management approaches, differentiating instruction or utilizing student performance data?  

You will be able to enhance your skills in these areas and more at the New Teacher Saturday Learning!  Our workshop series is broken down into a Seven Part Academic Year focus series as seen below. Participants will select 3 workshops based on career level, grade/content, and specified need. All teachers will need to bring their laptops. Breakfast will be provided for particpants.

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